The La Ribera Telebachillerato Computer Center Is Inaugurated

In line with its efforts to make continual enhancements to the community of La Ribera, Fundación Costa Palmas has inaugurated a refreshed computer center at the local Telebachillerato. With 17 Lenovo all-in-one computers, electrical regulators, and extensions available within the center, it is ready for local students to use as a resource.

Volunteers also came together to repair sanitary services, paint outdoor furniture, improve the walls, install air conditioning and put steel protection in place for the windows. Bookcases, chairs, desks, curtains, and hoses were donated. Sports equipment was also provided for basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Previously, Fundación Costa Palmas has led many renovations and volunteer days to increase resources and facilities for students. With 57 students currently enrolled, the school is hoping the improvements will allow students to study safely and conveniently on campus rather than traveling to Santiago and other nearby towns.

Fundación Costa Palmas is dedicated to working collaboratively with the Telebachillerato community to bring an enhanced learning experience to students. This achievement builds on Costa Palmas's community development efforts, which have been ongoing for more than a decade. To date, we have implemented numerous actions to promote care for the environment, education, well-being, and culture in the northern area of the municipality of Los Cabos.

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