Road Training for CROC  Drivers 

With a strong focus on community enhancements in 2022, Fundación Costa Palmas continued its work by organizing a Road Safety Training for drivers associated with the Confederación Revolucionaria de Obreros y Campesinos (CROC). These drivers are key community workers who provide transportation services within Costa Palmas as well as to and from Los Cabos. The training was held in a conference room at the Delegación of La Ribera over the course of three consecutive Sundays in June. Each day, a group of 25–30 drivers attended an informative four-hour session.

Assembled to benefit La Ribera community members and their families as Costa Palmas rapidly expands, the training was led by Paula Lizama, Manager of Compliance and Industrial Safety. The Costa Palmas community team conceptualized the event with the goal of creating enhanced transportation practices, increasing awareness of essential safety measures and instilling a culture of road safety that would benefit all. The course included instruction from Paola Dorantes, a prevention specialist, who taught a defensive driving training course and provided attendees with some eye-opening takeaways.

Another purpose of the training was to provide workers who supply and transport materials with a certificate of competence in their work skills and elevate them professionally. The certificates they earned by completing the course are now registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), the Mexican secretariat in charge of the administration and regulation of labor relations between workers and employers.

Upon closing, the Costa Palmas team received positive feedback on the training from the drivers. “This course was an important step towards community and driver safety,” said one attendee. “Through this training, I became much more aware of the rules of the road and the importance of following them.”

“Thank you for providing us with this information,” another driver added. “I hope we can continue receiving training like this—it’s something that truly benefits the wellbeing of all.”

While this was a first step in dispersing the information, all who were in attendance are committed to sharing what they learned about road rules with their family and friends. Together, we look forward to making our roads safer.

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