Protecting the flora & fauna 

As the landscape changes with construction and development, Costa Palmas remains committed to protecting the native flora and fauna of Los Cabos Baja California Sur through compliance with its environmental authorizations. We recently sat down with the environmental team from the permits and entitlements department, to learn more about how Costa Palmas seeks to meet its sustainable development goals and objectives.

 The environmental team carries out compliance with various programs, among which are those for the management of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna. The objective of these programs is to ensure that the species of plants and animals that are part of the project coexist and remain in the area, considering its natural elements. Ultimately, through the actions of protection, rescue, relocation and repopulation of species, it contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Regarding flora, rescue and relocation activities are carried out for species in the Costa Palmas nursery so that they can be used as part of the green areas within the Development. Some of the native plants include torotes, choyas, pitahayas, biznagas and more. All rescued plants are reused throughout the Costa Palmas community. In fact, there is an adequate procedure for each species, a record is kept and photographic evidence of the individuals is taken, and the care of the same is encouraged. In addition, subprograms are carried out that focus on issues such as reforestation and even maintenance programs for green areas, gardens and the golf course.

With the fauna, driving away activities are carried out in the areas where there is construction, with the intention of preserving the safety of the animals, in addition, the relocation of organisms to other safer areas that reflect the similar environmental conditions of where they were found. Consideration of soil type, moisture, temperate climate, and vegetation is essential when relocating wildlife so that the animals can easily adapt and find food in their new site.

All activities in relation to the flora and fauna in Costa Palmas are carried out in accordance with the legislation and environmental regulations of Mexico. Based on the LEGEEPA (Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y la Protección al Ambiente) and all Mexican regulations. Costa Palmas constantly works to protect, conserve, rescue, relocate, control and monitor the flora and fauna within the Development.

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