Investing in the Future

Costa Palmas Renovates Local High School 

Education is the cornerstone of community. With this in mind, Costa Palmas partnered with a national construction company, Grupo Firme de Mexico, to renovate the local community high school, Telebachillerato de la Ribera. 

 The high school functions uniquely in the community of La Ribera. Considered to be a Telebachillerato Comunitario,the educational facility is a community high school that incorporates video-based learning with the goal of reaching young people who are living in rural populations. 

In La Ribera, approximately 50 students from 16-18 years old attend classes in the 50-year-old building that had no running water. Now, thanks to Costa Palmas and Grupo Firme de Mexico, the students have a completely revamped hydraulic system, improved restroom facilities and a new water pump that provides drinking water, along with a new space for visiting teachers who come in from other regions of the state to teach particular courses and classes. 

Investing in the Future

The renovation of the school was imperative, as it allows for an educational space within La Ribera, as opposed students having to travel to other communities in order to get an education. Here, students can learn within their own community and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their own backyard. 

 Costa Palmas will continue to support Telebachillerato,said Maestra Noemi Rosiles Amieva of the Costa Palmas community. It is important that young people have a place to study and develop and it is our honor to have created a safer place for students to return to school. 

In addition to the construction team, parents of the students who attend the school, along with teachers and 60 Costas Palmas employees volunteered during the completion of this project to paint, install fencing and do general remodeling work like gardening and landscaping and cleaning. In addition, Costa Palmas and Grupo Firme donated cleaning supplies and materials necessary for future repairs. 

 More than half a million pesos, $25k USD, were invested in this project to benefit the students of the La Ribera community. 

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