Investing in the Future of East Cape Students

Costa Palmas had the honor of joining the East Cape Guild on Saturday, May 21, to award 30 incredible students with scholarships to continue their high school and university education. The celebratory event took place in Los Barriles, and local students from La Ribera, Santa Cruz, and Cabo Pulmo were recognized. The students, who attend local schools such as Telesec #1, Procede, Cecyt03 Santiago and Telebachillerato 12 La Ribera, had average grades between 8.9 and 10 (out of 10), demonstrating their commitment to their education and passion for learning.

Established in 1997 as a Mexican nonprofit, the East Cape Guild awards scholarships to students from El Cardonal to the north, El Triunfo to the west, and Cabo Pulmo to the south, and all the small ranches and towns in between. Miguel Mijares, Delegado de La Ribera, and Claudia Castro, Administration Coordinator of Costa Palmas, are faithful representatives of successful cases of this program - they received scholarships through the East Cape Guild year ago and became succesfull professionals.

This was the tercer year that Costa Palmas contributed to the organization’s mission and was thrilled to award a scholarship to every student who applied. “Thanks to the East Cape Guild team for making this possible,” said Noemí Rosiles, Community PR Manager of Costa Palmas, at the event. “We want to thank you for providing this opportunity to our local students, which I am sure will benefit their educational goals and change their lives forever.”

The Costa Palmas Foundation is proud to support the next generation of biologists, architects, civil engineers, doctors, chefs, and lawyers, among other professions. Congratulations to all those who received their scholarships! We wish you much success and hope these scholarships will get you one step closer to meeting your personal goals.

Left: photo of 2022  ceremony; Right: photo of 2019 ceremony 

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