For the Animals: Fundación Costa Palmas Teams Up to Create Impact

Last Sunday, November 27, Fundación Costa Palmas organized a sterilization campaign for local pets of families in La Ribera in conjunction with the Amigos de Los Animales—a dedicated group of local Canadians and Americans who have been working away tirelessly towards this cause—and a local veterinarian, Cristóbal and his team. The volunteer group spayed and neutered 16 cats and 44 dogs in the area with the shared goal of reducing the number of pets without homes, limiting overpopulation, encouraging pet adoption, and increasing the safety of the streets.

A big thank you to the volunteers who participated, including 3 veterinarians, 15 members of the American-Canadian community, and 12 Costa Palmas collaborators who donated their time and effort during this campaign! Together, we met our mission to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, natural wealth, and the development of our community through sustainability actions that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the East Cape.

Fundación Costa Palmas is committed to the well-being and education of the La Ribera people and taking care of the local animal population. We look forward to providing more resources for animals and their families.

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