Enhancements Made to La Ribera’s Elementary School

On Wednesday, June 22, a small, meaningful event was held at the elementary school of La Ribera, María Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez, to celebrate improvements made to the school campus. Teaming up with IDS, a construction company of Costa Palmas, the enhancements were led by Fundación Costa Palmas to elevate the school experience for local children and create a beautiful, inviting space for them to learn and thrive.

The improvements encompassed the school entrance, widened corridors, and a ramp system to create accessibility throughout the campus. Four planters were also built, and the school facade was rehabilitated with landscaping. As part of the one-week volunteer work with Costa Palmas members, the play area was also painted, and a mural was created.

“On behalf of the entire school community and representing the 250 students we have at the school, thank you very much. It was a priority to avoid the landslide and to widen the corridor that was dangerous for the children,” said Professor Hellemman Cota Peña, school principal. “This was a truly collaborative work within Costa Palmas, IDS, and the school community.”

In attendance were Fundación Costa Palmas team, as well as Professor Hellemman Cota Peña and IDS workers who spearheaded the enhancements. Together, they presented a plaque, which will be placed in the school.

“These are small actions that have a great impact on the most important people in La Ribera—our children,” said Iván Tamayo Ramon, Community and External Project Manager. “Thank you for opening your space and allowing us to collaborate with you for a better future.”

At the heart of Costa Palmas is the community. It was an honor to come together and improve the infrastructure and quality of life of the inhabitants of the Ribera. Costa Palmas will continue partnering with local construction companies and vendors, such as IDS, to create a vibrant future for La Ribera children and families.


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