Community Support During COVID-19

Since our inception, Costa Palmas has been committed to supporting a thriving and self-sufficient community. We want our residents and members to be involved in the La Ribera community and in turn, feel connected to their neighbors and surroundings. One way we can make that vision a reality is to respond swiftly during a crisis and share our resources and networks with local families and businesses during times of hardship.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented just such a crisis as it affected our local community in every way. Therefore, we rallied our efforts and used a multi-pronged approach to effect the most change. First, we focused on food security and from April through July 2020, we delivered about 250 boxes of food every two weeks to local families in need.

That same year, we focused on improving the La Ribera Medical Clinic, using funds applied in a partnership with South Baja Constructora. A new area was built exclusively for receiving patients with respiratory symptoms. Crucial maintenance was completed throughout the entire building, including work on the electrical, plumbing, lighting, and air conditioner systems. Additionally, 3 new AC units and new lamps were installed, and the roof and doors were repaired.

Also in the Spring of 2020, we ensured that medical supplies and equipment were purchased for the La Ribera Clinic and Ambulance. New personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, thermometers, oximeters, and other items were delivered for local use. Completing that initiative led us to partner with Delegation La Ribera, Rotary Club, and the La Ribera Food Bank to set up regular contributions for the public dispensary of medicines and other medical supplies, starting in November 2020. That assistance continues today and emphasizes medicines needed to treat COVID-19 and common chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges for our local community, our Costa Palmas team was able to partner with other organizations and alleviate some of the most pressing needs. We are committed to maintaining our involvement with the local community throughout the year and have multiple ongoing programs. To learn more, visit or contact

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