Cleaning up the Streets of La Ribera

Community Gathers for Greater Purpose 

Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much. 

-Helen Keller 

More than 150 volunteers recently convened to benefit the La Ribera community. Individuals from the Centro de Salud (La Ribera) along with the CROC union joined the Costa Palmas family to clean up 2.5 km (1.5 miles) within the heart of the community. Volunteers swept, picked up trash and worked together to take care of Eureka and Santa Maria Streets on the Main avenue. 

 Its a pleasure to join forces with the local community to clean up the area,said Maestra Noemi Rosiles Amieva of the Costa Palmas community. We had an amazing group of volunteers who really dug in and got the job done. Im so appreciative to all who came out to help. 

 After the cleaning the volunteers gathered together in the main square to enjoy snacks and lunch provided by Costa Palmas. 

 Improving p the community is just another example of Costa Palmasboots-on-the-ground commitment to promoting the well-being of the local community for more than a decade. To date, Costa Palmas has implemented more than 20 programs that promote education, well-being and culture in the local community, as well as continuing the commitment to care for and conserve the environment and provide economic benefits for the local community. 

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