Volunteering work at the Telebachillerato de La Ribera

A Place to Learn, Play and Grow

The improvements just keep coming. Fundación Costa Palmas continues to enhance the local high school campus, Telebachillerato de La Ribera, expanding upon what they started early in the year. Thanks to this project, the students now have a completely revamped hydraulic system, improved restroom facilities, and a new water pump that provides drinking water, along with a new space for visiting teachers who come in from other regions of the state to teach particular courses and classes.

This time, the renovations were spearheaded by a team of volunteers, including members of Costa Palmas as well as students and teachers. They came together for a powerful afternoon of projects—sanding and finishing picnic tables so the students can enjoy a nice area outside to have lunch, work, and socialize.

The team also installed soccer goals, basketball hoops, and a volleyball net—all of which were donated by Fundación Costa Palmas in addition to balls to play with. The goal of the installations is to create a space that encourages the students to practice sports, exercise, and connect.

The improvements continued inside the classrooms, too. The team polished up the rooms and added bookshelves, to take advantage of the space and boost the school library project.

Fundación Costa Palmas is dedicated to supporting the education and physical well-being of the children of La Ribera—stay tuned to see what’s next.

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